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About This Project


It is a virtual recreation of the SUTD Campus in Minecraft. Come join our server and walk around our beautiful campus. Sneak a peek at our classrooms, labs, and recreational facilities. Who knows, you might find some fun easter eggs, as well as some starbucks vouchers cleverly hidden in remote corners of the school!

Our story

SUTDLAND (SUTD in Minecraft) has its humble origins as a private survival server for a small group of friends in the ISTD Pillar, running off a decomissioned laptop sitting on top of a fridge in a student's hostel room. When the call came to re-invent our Open House virtually, SUTD students answered. In less than 14 days, students came up with new initiatives, and the small survival server was turned into a public server containing a virtual SUTD campus in Minecraft for visitors to explore.